Treating Pediatric Bedwetting with Chinese Medicine

Bedwetting is treated successfuly with Chinese Medicine.  This is great news for families whose sleep is routinely disrupted by nightime accidents.

According to western medicine, usually bedwetting indicates immaturity of the nervous system. A bedwetting child does not recognize the sensation of the full bladder during sleep and thus does not awaken during sleep to urinate into the toilet.

Chinese Medicine considers this to be linked to the kidney and bladder organ system, and treatment focuses on the ability of the child to recognize and become aware of the sensation of a full bladder. Another important factor is strengthening the bladder’s function of containing the urine and maintaining proper closing and opening of the bladder so urine does not leak out.

Children respond very well to Chinese Medicine’s gentle techniques. Herbal medicine is administered easily and results are good. We work to strengthen the body’s functions and assist in the natural development of the child’s system. I look forward to helping you and yours,

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