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What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a Chinese healing modality that stimulates specific points in the body.   It is generally painless and has been shown to effectively treat a wide variety of conditions. Herbal medicine is often combined with Acupuncture treatments for optimal results.

Treatment with Chinese Medicine works well for acute as well as chronic conditions. In Acute cases of Colds, flu or Urinary Tract Infections, for example, the condition will be resolved within a few days.  Many Patients receive regular treatments, usually once every two weeks, to help manage chronic conditions.   Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine works very well in conditions which require immune system regulation and balancing.   Chronic pain, fatigue, autoimmune conditions and depression/anxiety benefit greatly from the systemic balancing effect created by Chinese Medical care.

What does an Acupuncturist do?

During your first session, Eti will ask about your health history. She will then use pulse  diagnosis and additional techniques to formulate a customized treatment plan for your particular condition.

To begin the Acupuncture treatment, you will lay comfortably on a treatment table. The needles used are thin, almost hair-like and the sensation is barely felt.

The treatment usually lasts between 20 to 40 minutes. Patients often feel the effects immediately, leaving with a sense of calm and well-being.

What Does Acupuncture treat?

Clinical studies show that Acupuncture can successfully treat many conditions. It is effective at treating chronic pain, including headaches, low back pain, and arthritis.

Below is a small selection of the wide variety of conditions Acupuncture can treat.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Crohn's Disease

Fertility Issues
Irregular periods
Low back pain
Menopausal symptoms

Menstrual Cramps
Neurological Conditions
Stroke Rehabilitation
Tennis Elbow
Urinary Problems

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