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General Information for new patients:

In-Person Appointments
Acupuncture appointments are available Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Telemedicine Consultation
Telehealth appointments are available Wednesdays and Fridays.  Top schedule -text or call 619-772-5001 or email

What should you expect when you come to the clinic?
Masks are required in office, surfaces are sanitized between each patient, doors and windows open for ventilation, fans and air purifiers to clean the air.

Price schedule:

Initial Acupuncture treatment: $165 (include herbs)

Follow up visits (Established patients, seen within last year): $95 (herbs not included)

Initial Tele-medicine 30-minute consult for NEW PATIENTS: $115

Established patients 15 min Tele-Medicine visit: $85.  

Book an Appointment

In person appointments can be made on the website.

Telehealth appointments must be booked directly with me by texting or calling 619-772-5001 or email 619-772-5001.

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