Bladder conditions and chinese medicine

Summer can be a problematic time for the bladder.  

Several issues can get worse in summer months: Irritable bladder, urinary tract infections, Interstitial Cystitis, difficult and painful urination.  

Heat aggravates the bladder because, during summer, people can be prone to dehydration.  In addition, the increase in cold food and drinks cause cold to descend into the bladder, manifesting in cramps, frequent urination and pain.   

Below are a few tips on keeping the bladder healthy.  

What to do?

Stay hydrated with drinks like Ultima Replenisher electrolyte beverage.

Drink nettle and cornsilk tea and have herbs on hand in case the bladder flares.  

A few useful formulas to have on hand:

Bladder Calm is a blend of herbs to calm the bladder, it relieves pain and discomfort and smoothes urination. 

Wu Ling San is good for initial onset of cold in bladder, mild cramping/pain and urgency with clear urination.  Bladder can feel sensitive and cold.

Zhu Ling Tang is for frequent, dark, scanty, burning urination.   

These are great to have on hand.  When bladder pain begins it's important to have herbs on hand to avoid a urinary tract infection.  

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