Children can sleep well!

                                                                                                                            Kids can be restless sleepers.  Most of my patients report that their children toss and turn, have a hard time attaining sleep and wake frequently.  Often these issues can be prevented by treating the digestive system.  

Our digestive system matures at ages 7-8, according to Chinese Medicine.   Most insomnia and sleep difficulties come from an overworked or stagnant stomach, and kids are MUCH more prone to sluggish digestion than adults.

Below are a few of the symptoms:
-flopping around in bed like a fish, restless
-inability to close eyes ("I cant fall asleep")
-cant stop talking, easily agitated
-nightmares, night-terrors, excessive dreaming
-Talking in sleep, seem awake but actually sleeping
-growing pain, restlessness

I can treat sleep issues in Children (and adults) effectively, helping your children get deeper, more restful sleep.  The standard kid diet of heavier foods (bread, pasta, cheese and processed meat) can be hard to digest. Digestive herbs are helpful, assisting the young digestive system in transforming their food and drink into usable qi and blood.

-Try and avoid too much snacking (grazing) during the day and late snacks before bed.

-Chamomile, mint and fennel teas are great for alleviating stress, calming nerves and easing digestive discomfort.  

-Kid Calm and Tender teeth are two great formulas to help soothe the digestion and help sleep.   I often will combine them with digestive formulas, especially if there is vexation, restlessness and growing pains.



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