Diverticulitis treatment with Chinese Medicine

Diverticulitis is a condition I see commonly in my practice.   The main symptom is pain in the left lower abdomen which most people think is benign, perhaps gas pain, until it becomes persistent and severe.  Often, loose stools accompany it. Diverticulitis is usually preceded with a bout of constipation which creates pressure, causing small pockets (diverticulum) to erupt in intestinal walls .  Usually asymptomatic while forming, These small pockets in the intestinal wall can get impacted, inflamed, swollen and painful.  

I can help!  Acupuncture and moxibustion helps the pain, and herbal medicine soothes and relaxes the area further, decompressing the pressure.  Preventing sluggishness in the bowels is important for maintaining the bowels pain free.  

Chinese medicine considers diverticulitis a form of cold abscess in the intestines and recommends avoiding cold, raw foods and cold natured herbs that cool down the small intestine.  A diet rich in soups, broths and well cooked foods is ideal.  

Congee, a healing soup made of rice with herbs, root vegetables and healing spices, is wonderful and soothing during a flare.   The usual ratios are 1 cup rice to 5 cups water.  I use a mini slow cooker and cook it overnight.  sometimes I add sweet potatoes, jujube dates and goji berries.  yum!



If you know anyone who suffers with bouts of diverticulitis, please give me their name and number and I will take great care of them.   I love referrals!

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