Herbal Remedies in your medicine cabinet

Herbal Remedies at home, right in your medicine cabinet!

As a mother of two, I have an almost daily need for herbal formulas.   Kids can get tummyaches, runny noses, colds and coughs. Ocassionally we can't fall asleep or stay asleep.  Sometimes I feel like I'm coming down with a cold.  Usually my tell is a sore throat and I have a hard time regulating my temperature.  Taking herbs right away makes all the difference between keeping my good health or getting sick.  

I am so thankful to have herbs on hand to help me.  They are easy to use and I can safely give them to my children.  

I want to share my most commonly used herbal remedies with you. Gentle herbal combinations that can be used at home and be of enormous benefit.

The remedies listed below are formulas you can keep at home and take for various issues that arise.  Having these herbal remedies will help empower you with tools for self care that will boost your body's ability to heal.   You can take care of yourself and your family, and when the need arise, its usually too late to run to the store or pharmacy.  Its so nice to have something in your own cabinet.  

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Fatigue/lack of energy:  

We all get tired sometimes, feeling low... Adaptogenic herbs are wonderful to give our body a boost.  A few days of adaptogenic herbal blend will help.  I carry an adaptogen blend I love.

2. Ocassional sleeplessness/ insomnia/ inability to attain sleep or stay asleep

I have several remedies for sleep.  The majority of sleep issues are caused by digestive issues.   A simple digestive remedy will help, like Ban xia xie xin tang.  

Children will often suffer from restless sleep, tossing and turning, and growing pains preventing sleep.  Herbal remedies for harmonizing digestive function work wonders and help kids sleep through the night.  

3. Allergies/ Hayfever

Herbal remedies for allergies depend on what the symptoms are, and I can help choose one that works best for you.  

4. colds/flu

depending on how you and your family members start to get a cold (sore throat, chills, fever or a cough) we will put together a bottle or two to help you treat the cold as soon as it starts.  Thats the key to getting better fast- start taking herbs as soon as it comes on.  

5. Digestive Aids:

It is helpful to have herbs in your medicine cabinet for digestive issues.    whatever your tendency, we can find the perfect formula you can take as need arises.  

-Occasional diahrreah or constipation.  
-Stomach discomfort.
-indigestion after a heavy meal, or heartburn/reflux.
-stomach bug.  

send me a text, email or call with what you need.  I can drop ship herbs to you, or you can come pickup formulas at the clinic.  



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