Pregnancy care with Chinese Herbal Medicine

Pregnancy care has been a part of Chinese Medicine's repertoire for thousands of years. Herbal Medicine has been used safely and effectively on pregnant women to treat most conditions of pregnancy ranging from morning sickness to placenta previa and preeclampsia.

Women are usually treated during the first trimester only if there are symptoms that necessitate intervention, like morning sickness or threatened miscarriage. Headaches are also common. Herbs can be used safely and effectively.

During the second and third trimster specific formulas are used to ensure safe pregnancy, strong mother and calm healthy fetus. Herbs are used in the third trimester to prepare a woman•s body for labor and delivery.

The postpartum period (3 months to 3 years, depending on the health of the mother and her recovery process) is considered by my lineage to be THE most important time of a woman's life to treat with herbal medicine. Gestation and childbirth are considered extremely  depleting and utmost care must be taken to replenish the lost blood/qi.

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