Teeth clenching/grinding and TMJ

Neck tension, jaw tightness and nighttime clenching and grinding are common.  Especially in kids/adolescents, and also in adults.  

These are often associated with anxiety, restlessness and tossing and turning in bed, too.  Children will commonly clench their jaw, and their parents sometimes hear the grinding of their teeth at night.  There is some growing pain associated with this too.  

Herbal medicine to harmonize the stomach helps greatly with neck tension and jaw grinding.  Why?  the same channel is responsible for both issues.  

Acupuncture, ear seeds application and special self acupressure massage daily helps a lot, too.  warm compresses and placing a heat pad on the neck and shoulder are great.  

As always, feel free to forward to someone you know.  For my patients with TMJ- Its a game changer!

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