Treat the flu/colds effectively and quickly with potent herbal medicine

We all know when a cold is coming on....The onset of a cold or flu is evident.  We all have our "tells".  My daughter's nose will start to run, or she will sneeze and act cranky.  I can start to feel tired, out of sorts, achey.  Children can get a glassy look in their eyes.  That is when you want to start taking herbs to boost immunity and get rid of whatever is brewing.  

some common signs and symptoms:
-sore or scratchy throat
-body aches/fatigue
-runny nose

I have good news.  You don't have to turn to over the counter medications or pharmaceuticals.  Herbs are so effective, especially if you start taking them right away.  

The best way to do that is to have an ounce of liquid extract/tincture on hand, so you can reach for it.  Simple, easy to take (even for kids) and works wonderfully.  

I have several formulas in stock that I love.  They combine antiviral, antimicrobial herbs to battle impending colds and flu as they start.  During times of stress, or if many of my patients have been sick, I will take a small amount daily, as prevention.  I also make sure to take my adaptogenic herb blend to insure strong immunity.  

Please let me know if you would like me to prepare some for you!  I have them in 1($15) or 2($30) ounce bottles.  You can pick up at clinic in San Diego or I can ship the herbs to you.  

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