Urinary Tract and Bladder Infections

Urinary Tract Infections (Cystitis) are commonplace in women and men. The symptoms are pressure, pain, burning, urgent, frequent urination with concentrated urine output. Infections can occur due to multiple reasons. Dehydration, irritation, even improper seat placement on a bicycle can cause them sometimes. Many women get them after intercourse. The discomfort and pain can be severe, and some women suffer from chronic infections related to their period.

Chinese Medicine utilizes Herbal Medicinals, Acupuncture treatment and Moxibustion heat therapy to effectively and safely treat Bladder infections. Many patients keep the herbal formula to treat early onset of cystitis on hand at home as part of their medicine cabinet first aid formulas. Heat or cold can attack the bladder and cause heating or cooling of the bladder leading to pain, cramping, burning and discomfort. Herbal Medicine helps to treat these symptoms without the need for antibiotics or local sedatives. Getting help as soon as symptoms arise prevents complications and kidney infections.


Case History: Recently I treated a woman with recurring Urinary infection that came on with constipation and blood in urine. The multiple rounds of antibiotics did not help. There was no bacteria found in the bladder, she was experiencing burning pain and urgency with scanty urination. She was hospitalized and a kidney scan yielded no pathological findings. She took two doses of herbs and the bleeding stopped. Bladder function and energy levels returned to normal. I prescribed a followup prescription to prevent recurrence.

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