Welcome to Eti Domb’s Chinese Medicine practice

We are a full service Chinese Medical clinic offering Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. We have been successfully treating people in San Diego for over a decade.

We welcome patients of all ages and specialize in treating the following illnesses/symptoms:

  • Women’s disorders/Fertility
  • Digestive/GI conditions
  • Dermatological conditions
  • Respiratory conditions, Allergies and Immune system disorders
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • Psychological disorders
  • Pediatrics

We welcome your inquiries.

Monday 10-7
Tuesday 2:30-7
Thursday 10-3
Friday 10-3
Saturday 10-3

619-772-5001 | etidomb@gmail.com

  • Treating Pain Disorders with Chinese Medicine

    There are many conditions that involve pain of various degrees in multiple areas. People suffering from a chronic pain disorder experience a higher level of sensitivity. They feel things diffrently and their nervous system responds to touch or temperature changes with a much stronger pain sensation. Scientists grapple with their understanding of the pain mechanism, […]

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  • Allergies- Home remedies

    The dry, hot Santa Ana winds are causing allergy symptoms. Even those of you who may not suffer from regular allergies can’t avoid the occasional sneezing attack and dry skin/mucus membranes/nasal passages. Some common symptoms that arise: -headaches -sinus congestion/dryness/pain -sneezing -itchy red eyes -runny nose -dry skin/hair/scalp -itchy, rashy skin One of my favorite […]

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  • Healthy Bladder with Chinese Medicine

    A healthy bladder is something we take for granted until our bladder function is disrupted. Chinese medicine can help with most common bladder conditions:.   Cystitis- Infection of the bladder. Commonly caused by bacterial accumulation in the urine. Treated easily and very effectively with herbal medicine and acumoxa. Many women tend to get recurring cystitis […]

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